DFT Ultra product packaging, with DFT Ultra foam behind it.
DFT Ultra

DFT ULTRA 2.0 is a breakthrough in Le-Vel’s prized Derma Fusion Technology delivery system and a huge step forward from DFT ULTRA 1.0. With 2.0 permeation technology, Forslean concentration over two times greater than ULTRA 1.0, and the highest concentration of Garcinia extract and Forslean of ANY DFT Formula, DFT ULTRA 2.0 truly is a Premium Product on a Premium Level.

DFT ULTRA takes the place of Step 3 in the THRIVE Experience. Combine DFT ULTRA with THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules and THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix. You will push towards your long-term weight management and overall health goals at an optimal pace.

For improved weight management results, use DFT ULTRA as your Step 3, and ADD THRIVE Balance to your THRIVE Experience.

DFT Ultra

Weight Management

Supports Appetite Management

Derma Fusion Technology

2.0 Delivery Technology

Nutritional Support